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Sage smudge stick is composed by a bouquet of Salvia Officinalis, or more known as Common Sage. 

Sage has long been used as a powerful energetic cleansing herb, with its spiritual healing, antimicrobial and uplifting properties. The smoke of burned Sage is thought to dispel negative energies by neutralising vibrations. It can be used to purify whole environments or specific objects (such as crystals).

Origin & Sustainability

Although White Sage (a traditional plant among native Americans and only native to California) is the most widely known type of Sage, Common Sage bears the same therapeutic properties as White Sage, with the benefit of being native to Europe, thus being the most sustainable and ecological choice for us here. 

Salvia Officinalis sourced from organic (bio) local farms in Portugal. 

100% natural cotton twine. 

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