Hello! My name is Ana Molinari and I am the sole creator behind everything on Daterra Rituals. All of our products ara made by hand, in an artisanal way. Produced in limited quantities through the use of traditional methods.

My journey with herbalism began in a small apartment in Berlin during the pandemic days. Making natural hand-made incense and working with medicinal herbs daily has been a personal discovery for me, which led me to a deep understanding that I was meant to live a happier life in a profound and constant contact with nature.

Besides my work with this business I am also an artist, with a passion for singing and writing songs.

A lot has changed for me since the start of this incredible chapter in my life and just like the smoke of my incenses, this project has spread and today I am in the rural areas of Portugal.

I'm here to meet the sun and walk on fresh green grass daily. To experience Portugal's vivid nature and the many possibilities to work with it!


My mission at Daterra Rituals is to help people preserve an ancient connection with nature, in a dialogue that enriches both us and the earth.

I absolutely love working with herbs because they are empowering medicine that are not only useful for when we are sick or hurt, but also to enhance energy, health and vitality. Through the holistic treatment of aromatherapy and herb energetics, our natural blends build an uplifting and positive effect, while providing the perfect atmosphere for moments of self-care, purification, relaxation and spiritual awakening. 

I think herbal smudge sticks are a completely different experience from regular incense and they are a wonderful method of experimenting with the raw natural energy of nature. Our herbal sticks are carefully crafted mixing and matching all kinds of magical energies, tailoring them precisely to a specific goal. They are also a healthier alternative, since herbal sticks are only made of dried herbs and don’t have any other harmful chemicals usually present in regular incense.

When looking at the traditional uses associated with various herbs throughout the ages, the medicinal benefits often parallel the magical uses. This is because, in addition to a certain chemical makeup that determines its effect when applied to the physical body, a herb also possesses a unique energy that effects the emotions and spirit of a person.

Ultimately I hope to inspire you to make it a habit of implementing moments of self-care throughout your day. To see the beneficial potencial of a ritual that connects you energetically with the natural rhythm of nature. To a slower pace of life and a healthier life-style. To be kind to others and to yourself.