Midsummer & Red Roses

Midsummer & Red Roses

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Midsummer & Red Roses smudge stick is composed by a bouquet of bio Lavender, Rosemary and Red Roses.

This natural incense is inspired by Midsummer, the summer solstice (circa June 21). Midsummer arrives when the powers of nature reach their highest point. The earth is awash in the fertility of greening fields.

Lavender, a summer blooming-flower, has the power to induce calmness, while maintaining a peaceful state of physical, emotional, and mental relaxation. Lavender is a plant associated with the element Air.

Rosemary when burned emits powerful cleansing and purifying vibrations, useful to rid a place of negative energies. Rosemary belongs to the element fire and so it provides us with an increase in energy, ability to focus and produce.

The energy of roses corresponds with the element Water and the flower has long been used in love mixtures and rituals, owing to the its ability to engage and open emotions. 


Origin & Sustainability

Lavender & Rosemary sourced from organic (bio) local farms in Portugal. 

Red roses from local flower farms in Portugal. 

100% natural cotton twine.