Palo Santo - 10 units
Palo Santo - 10 units
Palo Santo - 10 units
Palo Santo - 10 units

Palo Santo - 10 units

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WHOLESALE ONLY: 1 Case containing 10 units of our premium quality organic & 100% ethically sourced Palo Santo, from Peru & Ecuador. Price (excl. VAT).

The finest aromatic wood of Bursera Graveolens, also known as Palo Santo, obtained naturally through the collection of fallen branches in the forests of Ecuador and Peru. Cut by hand by the community in the area. Pure energy that comes to you from the Andes.

Traditionally used by indigenous communities for its medicinal and spiritual healing properties, the therapeutic benefits of the Palo Santo wood are many. Today, Holy Wood is still highly used in Central and South American as a natural anti-anxiety remedy with the power to provide relaxation and increase the flow of good energy. When inhaled, it moves directly through the brain’s olfactory system, where it helps to stimulate the body’s healing response to fight anxiety, sleep disorders, worry and depression.


All of our Palo Santo's wood is obtained naturally through the collection of fallen branches. The only way to get the full benefit of the fallen branches is allowing it a resting period from four to ten years on the forest floor. No trees are cut or harmed during the process.

The fallen branches are hand picked by local communities in Peru and Ecuador. The local business helps support small farms and productive cooperatives in South America. 

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This case contains 10 units of our Palo Santo. Each unit is 50 - 53 grams, approx. 4 to 7 sticks per unit.



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