Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood

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White Sage combined with the powerful dragon's blood resin from the native dragon trees of the Dracaena plant family.

The red resin has been used for thousands of years as dye, paint, incense, or for spiritual purposes. It has a strong, spicy and sweet fragrance. Dragon’s Blood is believed to enhance the effect of any other herb.

The smoke of burned Sage is thought to dispel negative energies by neutralising vibrations. It can be used to purify whole environments or specific objects. It is also a powerful spiritual tool to relieve anxiety and mood disorders.


Harvest from their wild natural habitats in California. Hand-picked in a way that does not harm their natural environment. Hand-picked in a way that does not harm their natural environment. Hand-made product finished and packed Portugal.  


Each sage is approx. 10cm x 3,5cm and 35g.

Due to the nature of this product, the weight, height and width can slightly vary from each smudge stick.

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