Giving Back Program

We know we are just starting out and that financials can be a difficult thing to handle during the start phase of every business. However, since the start of our company we decided to give part of our profits to animal welfare projects, because supporting projects like these are the point of everything we do.

We currently help support Cantinho do Chiquinho, one amazing rescue project so close to our hearts.

Cantinho do Chiquinho is an independent rescue project from São Paulo, Brazil by Camila Teixeira. On Feb. 2020 we made a donation to Cantinho do Chiquinho that equals 10% of our yearly profit for the year of 2019. Next year we will make the same 10% donation. We hope to grow as a business to be able to financially support more and more wonderful projects like these in the future.


More about Cantinho do Chiquinho:




Unfortunately there is a lot of abandoned dogs and cats on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil's biggest city. While there is absolutely no government effort whatsoever to help abandoned street animals, they rely on people and independent organisations like Camila for a chance of survival and adoption. 

We’ve known Camila for many years. Since 2013 she has rescued more than 150 dogs and cats from the busy streets of São Paulo. She takes them all to the veterinarian, help them recuperate and be healthy again, and ultimately finds them a forever family.

Camila works bravely without any official financing and is always in need of financial aid for rescuing and caring for these beautiful animals.

Your financial help will help her pay for:

1) Medical bills - some of them are rescued pretty hurt or very sick and medical treatment is required.

2) Food.

3) Monthly fee for the farm/sanctuary some of the dogs stay while waiting for adoption.

4) General expenses required in rescue activities.

We are very happy to give 10% of our profits for such an amazing and heartful project.

For more information on Cantinho do Chiquinho, please check out their social media where they share all information regarding their rescues!